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Before the Second World War the newspaper was published from 1923 to 1940. After fifty-years of forced silence the weekly paper of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church ‘Eesti Kirik’ is published again from the 4th of March 1990.

‘Eesti Kirik’ is published every Wednesday and according to scope and circulation it is the largest christian and spiritual periodical in Estonia.

In issues of "Eesti Kirik" one can read about:

  • the most important events in the church and congregations,
  • Church law and Consistory Decrees,
  • Church Government and Editor-in-Chief editorials,
  • opinions, discussions and journalistic creations, letters and feedback from readers,
  • interesting stories about people and everyday events through Christian eyes,
  • Sunday sermon, meditation and prayer each week.

Although the print-run is 2500, the estimated number of readers is much larger. Copies of "Eesti Kirik" are available in libraries, social institutions and churches. An estimated 13 to 17,000 people in Estonia and abroad read every issue.

The office is located in the student town of Tartu, Ülikooli 1, phone +372 733 7790, e-mail Eesti Kirik is available also on the Internet:
The newspaper "Eesti Kirik", as of Jan. 1, 2003, is run by the Board of Directors with Chairman Jüri Ehasalu and Editor-in-Chief, Sirje Semm.
Editors are Liina Raudvassar, Rita Puidet, Mari Paenurm; reporter is Tiiu Pikkur (in Tallinn).
Columnists are Alar Kilp, Anna-Liisa Vaher, Urmas Petti and Marko Tiitus.
Layout is by Salme Uustare.
Manager of distribution is Sirje Kasemaa, the bookkeeper is Marju Abras.

"Eesti Kirik" exists with the co-operation of fine workers, clergy, members of church government and parish members. "Eesti Kirik" also publishes books and organizes an annual Media Conference Day on its anniversary.